On the road again

tableau collage : route sous la neige dominante sépia et cerf-antiquecerf antique
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Tableau-Collage : A snowy day, on the road for work, i figured this extraordinary meeting...
  Oh my dear deer !!!

Format 4 x 6 inches. weight 2,5 oz
dominant colour sepia - back covered with white paper, signed, dated and equipped with a metal fitting.
Reworked Photo Valserine and collage antic deer. Winter 2016.
Unic item.

where ?
this small format collage will be fine everywhere, I nevertheless recommend the entrance, the library
or the hallway leading to the children's room...
and if you prefer to put it down rather than hang it on the wall, then that's really where you want it !

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tableau collage : route sous la neige dominante sépia et cerf-antique
tableau collage le cerf antique posé sur secrétaire en bois ancien et lumière douce

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