Tableaux collages art collection  are precious works, which sometimes travel to galleries before arriving at your home.
This collection is just as baroque and poetic as the "classic" collection of my tableaux collages. 
Why this category then?
To distinguish it from all my other collages that are more created to fit into your decor despite their uniqueness.
The prices are higher and my freedom is greater. They are works of art.
I will sometimes propose you the choice of a frame.
Among others you will recognize them with this symbol eye  and thanks to their pretty golden frame. (which is just a little bit of humour and is not provided with the collage).
shipping costs are free for the tableaux collages of the art category.
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Art Collection

Sales price: 120,00 €
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Sales price: 100,00 €
Price / kg:
Sales price: 80,00 €
Price / kg:

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