As required by the Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978 and the General Data Protection Regulation, here are described the main aspects of this website Privacy Policy :

Who is responsible of your personal data's treatment ?

I am. Me, Valérie Marchal is the only responsible of the directory of my visitors and the single person to have access to.
I am constantly updating it.

What is done with your personal informations ?
I only collect the informations that are strictly necessary to bring you the commercial and human relation you are waiting for. I do not collect any personal data without your knowledge.
The personal informations that you provide on the site when you order, when you use the contact form, when you write on the guestbook, when you send me a mail or a letter are only intended for the administratif
and commercial treatment of your demand. They are not be passed on to third parties.

I register what you consent in full confidentiality. I do no register your payment datas.

How can you exercise your right about your personal datas ?
In accordance with the Data Protection Act and the 17th article of the GDPR, you have the permanent right to access, modify, rectify or delete any personal information.

To rectify or modify your data : simply use your customer account management
To exercise your right to access and/or to delete your data from my customers and users directory, use the different means :
- by email : email messages
- by letter : Valérie Marchal - Le Boucal - 82160 CASTANET - France

- by using or if you used the contact formby clicking on the link included in the confirmation mail you received : "delete my informations"
nb : when you click on this link from your mail you are redirected there : 

delete link
Do not worry, it is normal. You can see in your navigation bar an encrypted url of this type :
This means that your deletion was effective.

How long your data is kept ?
Your personal data will be kept in my file for a period of 3 years, automatically renewable if you still are a Glue Note Little Shop's afficionado, unless you exercize your right to oblivion, if so I will delete your data in a delay of one month max. 

Which cookies are used on this website ?
Cookies are small data which are deposed on your browser when you are surfing the web. In fact, their other name is trackers ... We could wonder if the name cookie is not just to make them more appealing !!
When you arrive on you can see a banner concerning the cookies.
This site has third-party cookies which are susceptibles to be deposed. These are the basic google analytics services cookies.
Read the Wiki description
Please note that this analysis service is very useful for me to improve The Glue Note Little Shop and to encourage me to go on.
I do not use the informations given by the cookies for another purpose than this site.

The other cookies on the site are allowed by the legislation and are cookies for technichal purposes : shopping cart - session - remember me/authentification - connexion - contact form
Important : since you haven't click on  I agree !  only third-part cookies are deposed not the technical ones.
(I know : this is indeed paradoxical, but Google is truely the G of GAFA !!! Untill I find a more abiding analytics tool, it will be pretty soon I guess, you can find in the wiki description the way to desactivate these google ones with your browser, you can disable google analytics on your browser or you may use this very good and free extension for your browser Chrome and firefox Privacy Badger EFF upload link).
The banner will disappear only if you allow the technical cookies of the site.
Your consent last for one month. After 30 days you will find this banner again.

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In the Wild Wide Web the cookies are the eaters  ! The cookies of this site are not ogres but if you want to hide this bar you agree to be a bit nibbled ...