Collage is above all other art a call to our memory, collective or individual. 
My little visual poems, "miniature caressing eyes", build a bridge between our memory and our present. 
Thanks to the painters of the past - even those who "fell" into academism, ease, appliqués, obscurities - I can bring the timeless to life and create a new environment for these old portraits!
Don't look for a "big effect" of material, I want my collages to touch the eye first as a whole and then to be discovered, under the caress of the finger, the secret of the assembly.... 


While hating waste, I have a lifelong love for paper; its smell, texture, grain, colour that changes over time, its soft whisper when touched.
In my work, I preserve these values and this taste for the economy of our materials that are essential to me. 
With the exception of my photos that I have printed individually or in mini series in a lab and canvas cardboard that I buy as a framework for collage paintings, my main material is paper, paper that has already lived at least 2 or 3 lives.
I do the same with gift wrap and packaging for your orders, I recycle. (Elegantly, don't worry !)


Even if I am often called an artist, I have voluntarily chosen the status of craftsman.
So I can sell my works to people who have a small budget, to all those who feel a real crush when they discover my work, without the price being, once again in our world, a restrictive and cleavage character.
This is why the prices of my creations are as soft as their universe.


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