A clever and poetic Lexicon

Thanks to this small glossary you will discover the definition - sometimes subjective but effective - of all the expressions or words used on Glue Note Little Shop which appear followed by an asterisk *

* caress the eye :

discreet works of art with subtle charm that reveal themselves as you approach. discreet and subtle, the caress of the eye  demands a little abandonment from the spectator.

* small format :

all the works presented in the shop could almost be considered as miniatures; here there is no giant painting to dress a large wall. my collages are more appealing on a small piece of wall, a console, a dresser or a chest of drawers . happy when they are grouped by theme or color, they also bear loneliness very well because they are a story on their own.

* canvas cardboard :

The canvas cardboard is a support for oil, temperate, acrylic and gouache. The 100% white cotton canvas is laminated on very thick and solid cardboard (8,8 oz acid-free). It is coated with a universal primer.  I like this support, I find it very suitable for my tableaux collages since it is rigid while remaining very light. No need for dowels to hang on your wall and reduced delivery costs.

* magnetic support:

I have my magnets printed by a French printer, on a flexible magnetic support, very resistant, light and very magnetic. Dimensions: 3 x 3 inches.  thickness: 0.02 in. soft magnetic paper with glossy lamination.

April 25, 2019

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