3 good reasons to subscribe to the newsletter of the Glue Note Little Shop 

To not forget and find the trace of your impulse :

How many times has this happened to me ! I explore the web and from thread to thread I discover a blog, a shop, an inspiring place... 
If I often have the reflex to favor the interesting pages I discover, I don't think about them anymore, alas after a while. We are a little fickle and scattered animals today, as our world is so full of doors to open and joyful paths to explore.

The newsletter is the little pebble that allows you to find your way back !

Only once a month, and it is like a real  letter :

Once a month, it's not much, you might say.... 
But no, it is very good on the contrary, it allows me to really write this newsletter, to make it a rich letter, full of surprises and attentions.
Take the time to write and illustrate it and it gives you time to read it, all at once or in small pieces if you prefer.

The newsletter is the inspired letter that offers real reading !

And finally, gift of the gifts : the collage as registration gift !

Yes, you will receive in the email confirming your registration a link to a pdf file to download. 
This file is one of the 2 collages that follow below. It all depends on the period during which you subscribe to the newsletter, each of these 2 collages belonging to a "season". You can make it your wallpaper from time to time, or print it and display it in your home. Or even offer it to your loved ones.

summer season → April to September

winter season → October to March
I just ask you to accept the rules for using digital files → pdf terms of use of the digital files from tableaux-deco.fr

This newsletter is a true gift !

March 16, 2019

In the Wild Wide Web the cookies are the eaters  ! The cookies of this site are not ogres but if you want to hide this bar you agree to be a bit nibbled ...