The logos that where spared you

I tried so many times to realize the logo of the Petit Magasin de Collages.
Those who already know a little bit about the shop will have noticed the untimely logo changes! 
So here are some of the logos you missed.

The very first one, from one of my tableaux-collages, is still on my old business cards. 

le tout premierThen, in the disorder (one does not believe to say so well, sometimes !!)
le deuxime logothe beautiful logo
We will notice that the French version is orange and the English version is blue and that the little lady of the beginnings is still there... 
I nevertheless tried something else, a logo also taken from one of my first sold paintings... It is part of a series of three round collage paintings, which I have named "core target". The "chick or shell made man" is part of this round series.
The one used in this logo is a collage based on a painting by Félix Vallotton.
logo coeur de cibleReturn of the little lady of the beginnings (Allegory of justice - Lucas Cranach the Elder), this time vectorized and new version :

the most beautiful logo dim

Then I really wanted to keep my name GLUE NOTE on the logo... it too is part of my "beginnings" and then it is shorter and more readable and maybe you will remember well this musical name Glue Note, better than Le Petit Magasin de Collages... I don't know, I don't know. That's why I swung so much!!!!
Go have some fun anyway with this one :

logo chapp bleu
You will have understood: creating my logo was not an easy task!
Nothing says that the current logo will remain.. I am happy enough, but who knows?
It is sometimes difficult to combine clarity, beauty, colours, text and the naive fidelity I feel towards my first steps and my ideals.

What about your opinion ?
September 4, 2018

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