The Glue Note Little Shop and the social networks

I enjoy the web, it gives us the wonderful opportunity to forget our body for using our mind.
I discovered the web around my 40 years, and I loved to share with others people about books, music and philosophy on forums. Then I opened a blog...
Later I suscribed at Ipernity platform for showing my photographs and nearly at the same time at Mixcloud, where I had the great pleasure to collaborate with others musicians.

So, why if I like sharing, do I not display the social networks icons on my site ?

I knew that the GDPR was soon in action, and I know that the social networks spots are including trackers and cookies when we click on them, so i prefer not display them on my homepage.
Also simply because I work a lot for and inside The Glue Note Little Shop, feeling good and involved here and I do not have much time left for feeding my social network pages.
However I am present on some social networks, and I guess that if you are reading this words it means that you enjoy my virtual place and so I can tell you :
I find a bit sad to clicking on a link and discovering an almost deserting page. Much better to stay here, in a warm and welcoming mood.

But still, as I am a "sharer" person and not a "censor" one, and even if I think that does not deserve the path, there are the social networks where you can find me : 

: some pretty works that I choose periodically, real pearls, works that I have chosen among this mine that is Pinterest; I pass there almost daily and you can find some of my creations on the groups → Artists and Creators - Visual arts, painting, illustrations - Stationery - and Interior Design

Facebook : I do not post often there, but I have a professional page ( thank you for liking it if you go there ) and that is where I say hello to my friends and my family

May 10, 2018

Postscript of 10/01/2019 : My state of mind has changed... indeed, I now feed -a bit more- these social pages too. Now you can find links to my Facebook and Pinterest pages on my home page, on this blog and its articles. 

In the Wild Wide Web the cookies are the eaters  ! The cookies of this site are not ogres but if you want to hide this bar you agree to be a bit nibbled ...