Petit Magasin de Collages vs Glue Note Little Shop

In fact, at the beginning of my business, I was selling my works on the markets (I still do).. and I decided to create a hand writing wood sign to be more attractive.
But which name would I wrote on it ? I did not desire to use my name Valserine as an artist would do.
I wanted something "speaking".
I found that "glue" sounds better than "colle", so I begun to search in this way. Music is one of my spiritual food in life, so Glue Note, as Blue Note ? Why not ?
And my customers, mostly english people I must mention it, liked this wink. My french customers were not so enthusiastic about this name, certainly because in France we speak french
and perhaps also because missing the hint ! 
The reason why I decided to keep it for the web site in english is that I like this name, as a witness of my beginning.
By the way I still own many calling cards at Glue Note name. My first little mistake in the business was to print to much of it !!!  
They are very artistic anyway, I have not to be ashamed of.
I even plan the purpose to use some of these calling cards to build a small paper wall for an exposition about "creating a little business when you are all except a commercial genious"smileb0a7a4

What about you ? Do you like this name ? 

May 9, 2018

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