Gift Card 40

carte cadeau, illustration, texte, cadre orange, montant d'achat 40 €une carte cadeau jolie et de belle valeur
Sales price 40,00 €
Price / kg:

More important in purchasing power than the 20 and 30 € card, here is the 40 € card!
It has the same qualities as the others: splitting, unlimited duration, unique code and elegance; it is valid throughout the site
You will enjoy to use this gift card for a special order created only for you or for your recipient.

dimensions : 3,5 x 4,3 in. printed by myself on thick satin paper. 
mailed in a classic envelope to your address or in a decorated envelope if you decide to send it directly to your recipient. Free shipping.
Some examples of its use?
Discover in the Little Help how the gift card works.

free delivery by international priority letter : 5 to 9 days 

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