Here are some questions you could have about the items sold in The Glue Note Little Shop.
In the case of a question not listed here → the contact form

Each article of this little help has its french version → petit guide pratique

At the moment you find in "the little help" :

Your order did not give you satisfaction ? Do you want a refund ?

Your right of withdrawal, in accordance with the law, is 14 days from the receipt of your package.
A withdrawal form is available via the website tableaux-deco.frview / download the pdf.
The cost of returning the item for which you are withdrawing is your responsibility, as well as the additional costs if you have chosen a more expensive delivery method than the one I use.
Please note that the collage boards are rainproof, please send them back in their original packaging if possible. It is not mandatory but I would appreciate it if you could tell me why your purchase did not satisfy you. The address to which you must return the package is indicated in the withdrawal form.

In the case of an exchange request, please contact me by phone or by mail / email.

You found the gift cards in the Bazaar of You think it is a great idea because you're not sure you would choose well for your recipient.

some explanations on how gift cards work :
4 amounts are available : 20, 30, 40, 60 €.
All these cards are valid on all items sold in the Glue Note Little Shop.

Splittable ?
Yes, it is possible that with a €60 card your recipient will only find an item at €30 that he or she really likes... for now... but he or she will be able to come back in 3 or 6 months, or even the following week and find a new item  that was not created at the time of his or her first purchase.

What is the code ?
It is a short combination of characters that I enter when sending the gift card and that your recipient must enter when ordering, in the "gift certificate" part of the order form. 
This is the unique code of the card, even if it is used several times, since it can be split, the code will remain the same.

I want it sent directly to the recipient
But how will he or she know it is coming from me ? 2 possible methods :

1/ Write your message in the area provided before adding the gift card in your basket. I will be happy to print your words for your recipient on a card (invitation card format)
2/ You can indicate me a personalized message that I will also attach to the gift card. To do this, you fill in the "notes and requests" field of the order form. Or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your text and its font if you want a particular one.

Each of these gift cards also allows you to order a work : tableau-collage, magnet, tote-bag with personalized illustration or from one of my collages, specially created for you.

You are in the train or in the subway, and while browsing on your mobile you are discovering the Glue Note Little Shop ... 
I'm glad you do.
The site is responsive you can order with any of these three devices.
I do have a serious soft spot for PCs, there I enjoy the power of the pictures ... 

Each item of the Glue Note Little Shop is presented as a thumbnail.
It's a thumbnail created on purpose. The thumbnail of each category contains an example of the background of the thumbnails.
Tip to find your way around :
  • the tableaux collages have a white wall background with lime
  • the magnets and the tableaux collages for kitchen are presented on grey gingham fabric
  • the creations sold in the bazaar are on a jute fabric background
  • and bookmarks are suspended by a blue clothespin. 
  • sold 1  in all categories the background and image in nb mean that the product is sold. 

By subscribing to the newsletter you receive a digital collage as a gift.
You can already read the pdf terms of use of digital files of The Glue Note Little Shop.
It will be attached in the email confirming your subscription to the newsletter, with your collage.
Its receipt constitutes acceptance.

Even if each product sheet in the shop displays the corresponding shipping costs, I recommand you to take a look at my shipping page before an order.
You can of course simulate the costs on the shopping cart page, as soon as you have entered the delivery address.
The calculation is based on the weight of the cumulative articles. All shipments are tracked, it is a guarantee of trust between you and me
Be sure that I tried to find the best solutions for a secure shipping and to avoid you, as far as possible, an exorbitant cost.

In the description of certain categories : magnets, and occasionally bazaar, you have read that i work with a french printer.
Sometimes some of my creations will be no longer available when supplies last, -always mentioned in the item description- it is simply because I have changed my printer and above all because I enjoy to renew my items. 
Sometimes you can order more than i already have in stock ; it will require some patience because of the production time... magnets especially are longer to manufacturate.

The more important thing to remember is that I always work in small volumes ; mainly because I remain attached to the concept of precious, intimacy and privilege involved in a small edition.

No collage of the Glue Note Little Shop has been harmed happy  and cannot be copied, resumed or used without my autorization.
Just write me your demand, we shall study together the conditions of a possible use.
If you are an association, or activist for a cause to which one of my digitized collage could be of use as illustration, 
if this cause is neither obscene, neither racist, nor extremist, nor violent, nor ambiguous, 
I would be delighted to propose you a contract free, limited and suited to your needs.

By the way : the icons you see here are mostly drawn and shared for free on web by Nikita Golubev. Thanks !

Sometimes, mostly on my digital pictures you have seen a link called Redbubble.
This is the chance for you to discover some of my works printed on clothes or for posters, or on home textiles...
Redbubble is a distribution hub which groups many designers, and creators and takes over the manufacture and the delivery of the items published.

This platforme remunerates her creative partners with a percentage on the items they sold.
Basically it is not much, but it is a great opportunity for the little enterprises as The Glue Note Little Shop to sell their works in some attractive and extensive designs.
The greatest advantage is the quality guarantee of Redbubble.

I work with Redbubble since last september and I have already ordered some items. They do well-kept work, their interface is very self-explanatory and their delivery schedules are respected.

You saw a certain picture, you liked it and you said to yourself : "next time i will order it"...
But you went back and this picture has vanished.

Two possible reasons at this :
  • The collages was unique and has been sold yet ;
  • It was a postcard or a magnet that i decided to not reissue.

 In total agreement with the Law about the intellectual and artistic Property, I only choose the art belonging to the "Public Domain" for my own collages.

In the Wild Wide Web the cookies are the eaters  ! The cookies of this site are not ogres but if you want to hide this bar you agree to be a bit nibbled ...