Dear Visitors,

Do you like to offer original and meaningful gifts ? Are you tired of offering jewellery, bags, socks or ties ?
Do you wish to sublimate your interior with unique and original artworks that are not consumer goods but good tableau, collages and creations ? 
This is your home!
What is new in October :
The new magnets have arrived !! Colourful, poetic and humorous, I invite you to discover them.
A little bagpipes tune, for example ?
Feel free to write me if you have any questions or use the glamour form.

Vitrine - au petit bonheur... by chance -

What is up in articles ?

  • Mobile, computer or tablet ?

    You are in the train or in the subway, and while browsing on your mobile you are discovering the Glue Note Little Shop ... 
    I'm glad you do.
    Nevertheless, and despite the fact that the site is responsive, I encourage you to consult the site again as soon as you return home.
    You will see that on a computer or even on a tablet, the pictures of my collages have a poetry and a strength that you could not have guessed from your mobile.

    Mobile are a wonderful device, they are our little window on the world when we are on the move,
    but for the images it is just a too small window..

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